Holidays in Lagos: Walking Towards the Sunset in the West Algarve


Towards the Sunset: Walking in the West Algarve, is a Self-Guided walking tour designed to offer an interesting mix of coastal and inland nature walks, allowing you to discover the less-known wonders of the West Algarve. Our base is the cosmopolitan city of Lagos, a short distance away from all these different walking experiences.


The West Algarve has spectacular cliffs, caves, grottoes, and maritime scenery. Its varied geology produced a rich range of landscapes, from volcanic hills to dramatic limestone escarpments, great for walking and sightseeing.

This diversity is complemented by the local flora and fauna that flourishes in its mild sunny winters and long hot summers. All this, combined, makes walking here fascinating.

Walking in the West Algarve

Walking in the West Algarve, A fantastic itinerary of walks, designed by local resident leaders

There are so many interesting layers in the West Algarve. Inland, up in the lush green hills, you will see a way of life that has disappeared from much of European countries, where days revolve around the seasons. Fragrant orchards of citrus, cultures of olives, carobs, and almonds that are basic ingredients of the gastronomy and of the sweet delicacies, and sold at lively local markets. In the small cobbled streets of picturesque villages, you’ll find whitewashed houses, cafes, and a tranquil way of life.

The sea and the water channels are another part of the nature of the West Algarve. Along the coast, fishermen go out to the sea for sardines and octopus, and in the Alvor estuary at low tide, you can see people walking to find seafood.

Barao de Sao Joao

Barao de Sao Joao, a charming village nestled in rural and peaceful countryside with a mix of fields and forests giving nature lovers a real treat.

This walking tour is based in Lagos, a cosmopolitan city that, from early on, was a gateway to the Mediterranean. It was from its wide bay, encircled by the fine sands of Meia Praia that Gil Eanes set off, the first to round Cape Bojador; it was here that privateers like Sir Francis Drake hid, and galleons full of gold and precious stones from the Americas or spices from India put into port.

The wall bordering the marginal (waterfront) of Lagos is beautiful and in the old town, you can find shops, restaurants, tons of history, and culture. Last but not least, Lagos comes alive at night with street artists and bars for every taste with live music.

Orange trees perfume the air in the Algarve countryside

Orange trees perfume the air in the Algarve countryside

Whichever part of the West Algarve your walking trails lead you, you will find a welcoming, friendly people, excellent local wines, and delicious food, from the freshest of fish to regional dishes packed with flavour.

Our self-guided walking tours are thoroughly designed and include all the information you need, from detailed maps and route notes to a 24h hotline. The accommodation, airport transfers, and transports are included in the walking program.